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Bitcoins are the most used and widely-held form of the new digital currencies. How bitcoins work, what they are, where and how you can spend them may, at first, appear complicated. aims to explain, in simple terms, exactly what's involved with owning and using them.

You'll find simple-to-follow guides on everything from "what is a bitcoin?" through to reviews of bitcoin currency exchanges and the various forms of wallets used to keep your money.

For those who are a bit more familiar with bitcoins, you will find more guides and information on everything from the complexities of mining through to discussions on maintaining anonymity, bitcoin fungibility and limits of supply.


How to Get Bitcoins

Just as you might come into possession of regular banknotes, there are numerous ways you can get bitcoins. For example, you may be given them in exchange for goods or services, you might change your real banknotes for BTC or you might be more adventurous and want to mine your own coins.

Here you'll find a list of ways you can acquire your own bitcoins, including how to stay anonymous.

Keeping Bitcoins

You will need to figure out how you are going to keep your bitcoins once you've acquired them. There are various forms of wallets that you can use, both online and offline.

Find out the differences between wallets, how secure they are and compare the pros and cons. Features independent reviews of commercially available wallets, as well as how to use them.

Investing in Bitcoins

Many people view Bitcoins as just another form of investment - similar to owning gold. There's a finite number of bitcoins available, so as more people and companies hold (or hodl) them, the price will increase. Simple supply and demand.

In the investment section you'll find articles on regulation, fungibility, limits of supply and taxation