Hodl is a term you’ll see frequently used by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency traders or investors. Whilst it looks like an acronym, Hodl is actually a deliberate misspelling of the word ‘Hold’.

So, if someone tells you to Hodl, they mean that you should Hold your position and not sell out. It is also used as a transitive verb, as in “I am hodling”, meaning “I am holding”

Origin of Hodl

The term originated from a drunken post in the Bitcoin Talk forum during December 2013, from the member known as GameKyuubi with the thread title “I AM HODLING”. After a couple of whiskys or whiskeys, GameKyubbi took to the forum to explain in lucid detail why he’d chosen to hold his position despite drops in the market.


The term went viral and is widely used even by people with no idea of its origins. And, of course, the great GK was proven to have the correct strategy.

Pit pat piffy wing wong wang, on the other hand, has failed to gain as much traction.

Hold On for Dear Life

HODL is often mistakenly used to be an acronym for Hold On for Dear Life. There’s an argument which says that popular usage makes it so. But it is, perhaps, best to see HODL as a “backronym” where an existing term has been adopted as an acronym.