Bitcoin Wallet Reviews

Once you have decided which type of bitcoin wallet you are going to use, this page provides you with a list of possibilities and links to reviews of each wallet written by independent users.

Hardware Wallet Reviews

Hardware wallets are small, physical devices that you can hold in your hand. When you need to use them, you plug them into your computer or phone via a USB connection. The hardware wallet holds your private key(s) and works with software on your computer or phone that holds your public key(s).

Mobile and Desktop Wallet Reviews

Mobile Wallets for storing and spending bitcoin are native apps that you download onto your iPhone, Android or Windows device. They can generally store more than one currency and sometimes allow for more than one wallet in the same app.

Online Wallet Reviews

Online Wallets allow users to store and control their bitcoins via a web service. Most, but not all, are linked to a particular bitcoin exchange and can store other cryptocurrencies such as ethereum and litecoin.