Zombie fork

Zombie fork

First it was on, then it was off.  Then it was definitely on, and last week it was definitely off.  Now the Segwit2x fork is back again like a zombie you can’t kill off.

Only days after the fork was said to be “postponed indefinitely”, Coinbase, one of the biggest players in the network announced at 10:04 UTC that they were suspending BTC transfers because “a small number of miners may attempt to go forward with the Segwit2x fork”.

So it seems the fork is going ahead after all!

The future is again uncertain and the three possibilities outlined in bitcoins.net original news piece on Sewit2x remain a possibility.

Both Coinbase and Gdax stated that they believe the new bitcoin2x would be unusable.  The ‘rogue’ miners, however, begged to differ saying their work would continue and that they were exploring different ways of replay protection addition to the fork.

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